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Finally, an update from a mod o_o

I'm sorry for the lack of the updates and contests, everyone. My parents grounded me for reasons I would rather not go into, for an entire two months T_T, so yeah.

If you guys don't remember the rules for contest entries, um, refer to the last contest one. I'll edit and paste them into here the next free moment I get (currently not supposed to be on here XD).

Anyway, I'm making this contest FREE RANGE! Meaning you can use any theme, any episodes, any song, just make them the absolute BEST you can! This contest will last until MARCH 18TH, and at that time I will release not only the winning banners for this contest, but from the last contest as well (I do, again, apologize GREATLY for the lack of updates here).

Thank you!

PS: Post your entries HERE, as all comments are SCREENED! ^_^
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