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Okay, well, I realised that I had made many videos that I hadn't yet posted here. Some are pretty old, but I would appreciate any feedback y'all can give me.

Title: The Time Of Our Lives
Theme: A farewell to the series.
Song: Good Riddance by Green Day
Episodes Used: Hide and Seek, Birthmark, Troq, Go, Betrothed, The Beast Within, The End parts 1&2, Sisters, Switched, Stranded, Spellbound, Nevermore, Fear Itself
Who Will Enjoy It: Teen titans fans. Which I hope are all of you.
Misc Info:I can't remember if I've posted this yet or not, but I'll put it again just in case. Also, it's a bit bbxrae heavy but not entirely focused on those two.
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Title: The Real Me
Theme: Beastboy / Raven
Song: The Real Me by Natalie Grant
Episodes Used: Spellbound, The End parts 1,2,&3, Troq, The Beast Within, Nevermore, Switched, Go, Betrayal, Birthmark, Sisters, Titans Together, Fear Itself
Who Will Enjoy It: Teen titans fans. BBxRae fans, Beastboy fans, Raven fans.
Misc Info:Beastboy and Raven are each hiding who they truely are behind a mask but desperately want people to see them for who they really are. Maybe they can see each other.

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Title: Crazy Mary
Theme: Beastboy / Raven
Song: Crazy Mary by FM Static
Episodes Used: Nevermore, The End part 1,2&3, Fear Itself, The Beast Within, Every Dog Has Its Day, Spellbound, Birthmark, Go, Hide and Seek, Haunted, Troq
Who Will Enjoy It: Teen titans fans. BBxRae fans, Beastboy fans, Raven fans.
Misc Info:Raven's been through a lot of tough times in her life. Beast Boy wants to help her, talk to her, cheer her up. Maybe she might find the hope she's looking for in him. Maybe they can fall in love.
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Title: Revolution Man
Theme: Robin
Song: Revolution Man by The Union Underground
Episodes Used: Haunted, Apprentice parts 1&2, Aftershock part 1, Betrothed, Troq, Titans Together, The End part 3, Go, X
Who Will Enjoy It: Teen titans fans, Robin fans, Robin / Starfire tough love fans, angsty titans fans.
Misc Info:Robin has a dream about something horrible between himself and the titans. But what happens when that dream becomes reality? There might be a sequel later from Starfire's point of view. And Just so y'all know, the parts in grey are Robin's dream. He tends to remember it alot. Oh, and if you can guess what happens in the end you get a supa cool prize. ...

This is probably my favorite video of all the ones I have made. I had seen this song done for Setsuna from Angel Sanctuary and Ed from Full Metal Alchemist so I decided to let Robin have his turn.
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Title: La Vie Boheme
Theme: Teen Titans Rent Style
Song: La Vie Boheme from the musical RENT
Episodes Used: Um. A whole bunch I don't feel like listing.
Who Will Enjoy It: Teen titans fans & RENT fans
Misc Info:Teen Titans version of the song "La Vie Boheme" from the musical, RENT. It starts off serious, paralleling Terra to Bohemia, but then it gets to more of the random action like the song.

2 notes.

1. I didn't what a lot of the things were in some parts of the song. So bear with me, okay?

2. If you are under 13, I wouldn't recomend this video because the song lyrics are a little...well...vulgar at some moments

There is a bit of a character list here.
Bohemia (beginning)- Terra
Benny- Red X
Mark - Beastboy
Uppity guy with Benny - Kid Flash
Maureen - Jinx
Angel - Raven
Mimi - Starfire
Roger - Robin
Collins - Cyborg
Joanne - Argent
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