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Location: A Starbucks in North Carolina.
Agenda: To take over the world with her canadian and army of squirrels.

Favorite TT Character(s): Raven, Robin, Speedy, Slade
Favorite TT Episode(s): "Haunted", "Birthmark", "The Quest", "The End pt. 1 - 3"
TT Shippage: Robin/Raven, Slade/Raven, BB/Terra
TT Quote: "A Pie?" "Yeah sure, why not." (Beastboy and Raven; "Mother Mae Eye")


Title: "Birthmark" (Original, eh?)
Theme: Episode Tribute
Song: "Not Gonna Get Us" - T.A.T.U
Episodes Used: "Birthmark"
Who Will Enjoy It: Fans of Raven, and of "Birthmark".
Misc Info: First ever video... seriously.
|| download ||

Title: "The Quest" (I was way too original back then...)
Theme: Episode Tribute
Song: "Butterfly" - smile.DK
Episodes Used: "The Quest"
Who Will Enjoy It: Fans of Robin, and of "The Quest".
Misc Info: It didn't come out exactly the way I wanted, but I tried... hard... ^_^;
|| download ||

Title: "The Prophecy" (Comon...)
Theme: Episode Tribute
Song: "Could It Be" - The Calling
Episodes Used: "The Prophecy"
Who Will Enjoy It: Raven fans, and of course, fans of "The Prophecy".
Misc Info: I wanted so badly to use this song with something, but I didn't really know WHAT to use it for. I was trying for weeks to find a song to work with this episode, and I happened to try this and it worked awesome.
|| download ||

Title: "Pure Eye Candy"
Theme: Episode Tribute
Song: "This Is How A Heart Breaks" - Rob Thomas
Episodes Used: "The End pt. 2", "The End pt. 3"
Who Will Enjoy It: Pretty much anybody, as I used clips of everyone.
Misc Info: I love the song, I love the episodes... and they totally flowed together. The timing of moves, the words of the song, everything came together perfectly. I'm so proud of this video.
|| download ||

Title: "Can You Handle It"
Theme: Tribute to Characters
Song: "It's Raining Men (Almighty Mix Edit)" - Geri Halliwell
Episodes Used: "Deep Six", "Apprentice pt. 1", "How Long Is Forever", "Winner Take All", "X", "Spellbound", "The Quest", "The End pt. 1", "The End pt. 2"
Who Will Enjoy It: Every single fangirl ever. Seriously.
Misc Info: This... is my baby, which has also won me an award and has been sent to the Cartoon Network people. (I have my fingers crossed about an internship.)
|| download ||

Title: "A Tribute to Season Four"
Theme: A Tribute to a Season, obviously.
Song: "Downfall" - Matchbox Twenty
Episodes Used: "Birthmark", "The Prophecy", "The End pt. 1", "The End pt. 2", "The End pt. 3"
Who Will Enjoy It: I created it for everyone to enjoy.
Misc Info: This was the video that was originally submitted to the Cartoon Network contest thing locally. Given it only won 5th place, I'm still proud of it.
|| download ||


Location: - In the backwoods of Kentuck.
Agenda: - Pillow? Check. Candles? Check. Wilson? *looks around*

Favorite TT Character(s): - Slade
Favorite TT Episode(s): - "Apprentice pt. 2", "Haunted", "Birthmark", "The Prophecy", "The End pt. 2"
TT Shippage: - Slade/Raven, Malchior/Raven/Rorek
TT Quote: - "And from now on, I'd like you to call me 'Master'." (Slade; "Apprentice Pt. 2")
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