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Yay more updates!

The first TT MV I've made in a long time.

Title: Another Day (No Day But Today)
Theme: RobinxStarfire. Sorta. Reluctance on Robin's part. Also, some CyborgxRaven hints thrown in.
Song: "Another Day" from the movie version of RENT
Episodes Used: A ton
Who Will Enjoy It: RENT fans, RobinxStarfire fans, CyborgxRaven fans, just fans in general, really.
Misc Info: Is that sum het? Yeah, it is. This is a RobinxStarfire video, with the song "Another Day" from the movie version of RENT. Roger and Robin are a lot alike. They don't want to hurt anyone or be hurt, so they retreat inside themselves. Mimi and Starfire live life to its fullest, and want to be with Roger and Robin, but get pushed away.

I actually had an idea of who's who in this video. It doesn't really matter, it just popped into my head.
Robin - Roger
Starfire - Mimi
Cyborg - Collins
Raven - Angel
Beast Boy- Mark

|| Watch it on Youtube! ||
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